In spite of the way that Cricket was not begun in India but rather it is the most prevalent games in India. Each Indian adores cricket whether it's playing it or simply watching matches. Since 25th June 1932 when India played his first specialist cricket organize against England to till presently, there are various things changed in Indian cricket. From a fragile group to the best group on the planet. All players speak to India before the world so we have a noteworthy enthusiasm to know from all of them who are the best 10 wealthiest cricketers in India. So here is the summary of Top 10 Richest Cricketers in India.

10. Sourav Ganguly

The rundown of best 10 wealthiest players in India begins with the Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly generally called Dada to all of us. He was remarkable among other boss India has ever got. He changed the substance of Indians Cricket in his Captaincy. The Bengal Tigers is one of the Indian rich cricketers as Sourav Ganguly's Net Worth is arounds $15 million or ₹99 crores. Conceivably he is left various years yet there is no down in his all out resources. He is on the rundown of rich cricket player in India from last 10-12 years. His pay charges from BCCI and brand support is signify around ₹6-7 crores for every year. Other than that, he is the co-owner of Indian Super League (ISL) aggregate Atletico De Kolkata (ATK).

9. Gautam Gambhir

The Rundown of Top 10 wealthiest cricketers isn't full without one of India's two World Cup winning legend and past Indian opener Gautam Gambhir. Notwithstanding the way that he is absent from the Indian group, his eye-getting presentations in IPL and Ranji is continuing till now. Gautams Gambhir's Net Worth is around $15.2 millions or ₹101 crores. He is on the rundown of wealthiest cricket player since his participating in the KKR in IPL. His all out resources involves his costs from BCCI, IPL charges, mark guaranteeing, singular properties, etc.

8. Rohit Sharma

He is one of the wealthy cricketers in India. The three-time IPL winning skipper for MI, three twofold century holder negative behavior pattern head of India gains the position of Indian best 10 rich cricketers by his execution in the field. Rohit Sharma's Net-Worth is around $18.7 million or ₹124.8 crores which is an aggregate of his costs from BCCI and IPL, mark endorsing, etc. His all out resources showed a high in latest couple of years and it will be significantly higher in future.

7. Yusuf Pathan

Everyone must be flabbergasted hearing this name in the once-over of most wealthiest cricketer in India as he is out from the gathering for a long time. In any case, this hard-hitting all-rounder is in the once-over most liberally repaid Indian Cricketer in view of his shows and pay rates from IPL. After his amazing bang of speediest century in IPL, KKR got him with a tremendous whole and till now he is playing for KKR. Yusuf Pathan's Net Worth is around $21.5 millions or ₹137.5 crores. His all out resources includes his IPL charges, pay costs from BCCI, Brand backings of mainstream brands like Reebok, Boost, Tata Indicom, etc. He similarly runs an amusements establishment near to his kin Irfan Pathan named as "The Cricket Academy of Pathans" in Baroda.

6. Yuvraj Singh

Another holy person of India's two World Cup winning gathering is also on the once-over. After his development treatment, he may be capricious in the gathering yet he is remarkable among other each and every rounder Indium had ever got. This in vogue left-gave Batsman is on the summary of the most raised winning cricketer in India after India's 2007 T20 World Cup triumph. In Today's possibility, Yuvraj Singh's Net-Worth is around $22.7 million or ₹146 crores. His Net-worth contains his understandings and pay from BCCI and IPL. He moreover secures around ₹7-8 Crores from imprint backing of Puma, LG, Audi, etc. He in like manner asserts a generous affiliation and texture mark named "You We Can (YWC)" in which he contributes around ₹50 crores.

5. Suresh Raina

Another left-gave batsman of Indian cricket bunch is in the summary of wealthiest sportsman in India. In spite of the way that he isn't enduring in the gathering Now-a-days, yet due to his past amazing bangs and IPL shows, he is on the once-over. He is one of the two players who has scored a century in all game plans of Indian cricket. He is a standout amongst the most liberally remunerated Indian cricketer in IPL. Suresh Raina's Net-Worth is around $23.36 million or ₹ 150 crores which are involves Indian Cricket helpful individuals pay from BCCI, IPL charges, Brand underpins, singular hold reserves, etc.

4. Virender Sehwag

Fear of every bowler and the harming past opener of Indian gathering is in the once-over of most essential getting cricket player in India. He is left Cricket anyway his talk in the investigation box and tweets in the Twitter keeps us drew in till Today. He is a standout amongst the best wealthiest Cricketer on earth. Virender Sehwag's Net-Worth is around $40 million or ₹255 crores which start from pay charges from BCCI, IPL contracts, mark backings and his private associations. He in like manner has a Cricket Academy and a school in Haryana.

3. Virat Kohli

The present Indian Captain and batting sensation Virat is in the third position in the summary. In spite of the way that solitary Indian contender to be on the once-over of Forbes most liberally repaid contenders of 2017, in any case, couldn't top the summary wealthiest sportsman in India. Desire one day he will. Virat Kohli's Net-Worths is around $60 millions or ₹390.5 crores. His Net-worth involves his Cricket pay in Indian cricket aggregate which is around ₹2 crores consistently, IPL charges, mark bolsters, etc. Due to his match-winning displays, his Net-worth exhibits a move in last few years.He is by and by the most liberally remunerated Indian cricketer and moreover on the once-over of best 10 wealthiest contenders on earth.

2. MS Dhoni

The past powerful Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni is moreover on the once-over. In the wake of winning every ICC titles and IPL and Champions Trophy his regard is high communicating live. He is on the once-over of most wealthiest cricketer on earth. MS Dhoni's Net-worths is around $110 million or ₹ 735. crores. M.S. Dhoni's salary contain Indian cricketers pay from BCCI, his colossal proportion of pay in IPL and brand underpins. His automobiles and bike gathering are gigantic which are in like manner in his Net-worth. His very own endeavor is around ₹520 crores. He is in like manner the co-owner of ISL gather Chennaiyian FC.


The God of Cricket may be left worldwide cricket since 2013 yet he is overseeing the summary of wealthiest sportsman in India and world from 10 years back. His picture regard is so far same till now. Sachin Tendulkars' Net-worth is arounds $160 million or ₹1070 crores. Sachin Tendulkar's pay contain his very own properties which are around clobbering ₹500 crores. He furthermore gains from imprint endorsing and gets a tremendous proportion of pay cost from BCCI. He similarly has his own specific associations. He runs a chain of diners in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Beside thats Master Blasters is the co-owner of ISL aggregates Kerela Blasters, Indians Badminton League gathering, Bangalore Blasters and expert kabaddi gathering, Tamil Thalaivas.
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